always wth love

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2013-02-19 17:50:28 (UTC)

SOUL or Insane

Dear my fuckers!!
My emotions had took me off the cliff, you might I'm going CRAZY and it's true but I feel shitty all the time..I'm tired all the time & I'm tired of school & etc...soo you can say anything , to me because I don't fuck even care haha!!
If you know my reason of talking all crappy just start at my 1st entry you can see for yourself how my emotions took over my control as a lesbian
Oh yea I'm never ever been in a relationship !!!ugh or haven't been kissed in my life --- I'm only 18 & so many things happen that broken me so many damn times ...
So you can call. Me lost I don't care !!!haha
Luv bitches ...not haters
Oh yea bye bitches