Fallen from Grace
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2013-02-19 12:00:26 (UTC)

my trip is over

I got back home yesterday. I had a blast at Mardi Gras. It was fun riding the rides. It was nice to feel like a kid again. I had a blast. Plenty of hot people and from everywhere. I heard all different languages. When I didn't know what they were saying I made up there conversations in my head. It was fun for me. I had been waiting since Xmas to use my 2 day pass at universal. I got a lot of pix which I put on my face book for the world to see. I didn't want the fun to be over. I got to see Steve Miller Band, get hit with beads lol. We had a lot of them I didn't count them.
By the time day 2 was done for my thighs were raw and hurting but I didn't care nor complain. I talked to John and he sounded like he was clueless about why I went to universal but I love him anyways. Today is back to the normal day to day but I am not hiding or trying to mask my depression. I am happy again… I owe that to Mike :)