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2013-02-18 22:48:00 (UTC)

Word of the day

I’m in a birl, I need to find my Camelot.

I feel violated, like a thief in the night, they filch my life

So much shindy going on around me, I could almost taste the rumpus

I long for a life of peace

This is no allocution, just a personal message to you

Day or night I can’t escape it as they gorgonize me

They want me to be an also-ran but what is en-regle is that I am an overcomer, I am victorious

Don’t view me as a Kibitzer as I speak from the depth of my guts

I have to escape this constant brabble, it stifles me

I need to find my solace, a place as intemerate as a virgin’s womb

I plotz by the end of the day when to breath becomes a chore

Wellaway. “How did it end up like this!”

Right in front of me it slowly crumbles….that can’t be my life, is it?

I need to get this jackapes off my back

With two hands I need to hent myself and rise above this choppy waters

With time I will build an irrefrangible life buttressed by love sown in my heart

Like a kinchin I seek the safety of my mother’s bosom

I am destined to be a lollapalooza but my trials to reach that goal may defeat me

My heart now a mainour as the thief strides away confidently

Confused, I suffer as they obnubilate my mind, they want me to give it all up

What is the bounty, the quittance to set me free? Scared and lonely, the price may just be too much to pay

What did I just write….I don’t know….doesn’t make sense…I should just recant it.