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2013-02-18 19:43:23 (UTC)

Shitty day!!!

Shitty day!!
Sorry to cuss, but my lil friend came & I'm more bitchy than I have even thou within my depression.... Anyway I'm mixing up & my headaches are there
So it makes some sense .. Here I go ummm
My friend destinee is great; I'm loving her a lot than I can take but last nite was great we talked a lot of our faves !! It's like she the one she knows how to keep me happy without being controlling with the word of god, so that's why I like her.... I had the biggest flirtation with her I don't think she knew I was hitting on her soo.. It was great ..
She a party girl that why I like her more than I realized...but besides that she keeps me ,just me! !!
~ so if I say :p for now....
Keep at least one friend . ... That's all u need...