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2013-02-18 03:29:47 (UTC)


Mistress gave me very simple and clear instructions:
“Shower: Wash yourself thoroughly. Shave your legs and armpits. Trim your pussy. If we find any stray hairs later you will be punished for it. When you are done, you will turn off all the hot water and stand under the cold stream for one full minute.

Breakfast: Fix yourself a bowl of oatmeal, dump it onto your kitchen floor, get down on your hands and knees and lap it up like a dog. Pour yourself a large glass of orange juice and drink it all. Pour yourself a large glass of whole milk and drink it all. You are not allowed to go to the bathroom until given permission.

Dress: No makeup. Red thong. No bra. High red heels. SLUT collar. PIG written in red lipstick across stomach. No pants. No shirt. Black trench-coat. Suck on pacifier from now until directed otherwise, including walking to your car, driving over here, and walking to our front door.”

I was humiliated just getting to their house. With my trench-coat, heels, and collar I looked like a tremendous whore. People seeing me sucking on my large pacifier was mortifying. Standing on their doorstep I wasn’t allowed in until I opened my coat and exposed myself to them so they could see that I followed their instructions. I was then dragged in by my hair and forced down to my hands and knees.

I wasn’t there to be punished for anything specific. My Dom and Mistress just ordered me over because they felt like spending the day tormenting me. That was their prerogative and I was bound to obey.

Once on my hands and knees my coat was pulled off and, as usual, tossed onto the floor in a corner. My possessions, like me, were not worth of being treated with respect. I was dragged by my hair into the basement, where I would remain for the duration of the day.

“Lie on your back, bend your knees, spread your legs wide, and start fingering that filthy pussy of yours.” Mistress’s order was highly unusual, but who was I to refuse. Open and exposed, still sucking on my pacifier and labeled PIG and SLUT, I began to masturbate while they watched. “You can do better than that piggy, shove those fingers deep into your cunt. Rub yourself faster.” I did as instructed and was soon close to cumming. I had been denied permission to orgasm for so long that it was easy to reach climax. Unfortunately, my Mistress had no intention of letting me reach this point.

As soon as I was close to the edge, my Dom grabbed my wrists and pulled my hands back over my head. I groaned in frustration. My Mistress laughed at me. She yanked my pacifier out of my mouth and brought it to my pussy. She shoved it in my cunt and rolled it around so that it was covered in and dripping with my pussy juices. “Open wide piggy.” She shoved it back into my mouth. “I hope you enjoy the taste of your own filth.” I frowned. They both laughed.

Still held into position by my Dom, my Mistress took aim at my pussy with the flogger. Wet and aroused she wasted no time turning my groans of pleasure into screams of pain. She lashed my pussy with the flogger over and over again as hard as she could. She stepped on the inside of my right knee while my Dom used his leg to push on my left knee, forcing me to remain open to the flogger. I was thrashing to get away from it before she decided to stop.

“Now that your pussy is all warmed up, we can start the real fun.” Oh no. I was ordered to stand up and a rope was pulled between my legs. It was tied to the walls at either end of the room and, when pulled tight, cut right into my pussy. My hands were tied behind my back and I was then told to walk the rope. As I walked to the far end of the room, the rope slid roughly between my pussy lips. It had large knots tied into it periodically that were painful to go over. Additionally, they had covered several sections of it in sandpaper. My Dom removed my high heels, making it harder for me to stay on my toes and ease the pain to my pussy. I was made to walk to the far wall and touch it with my nose, then walk backwards along the rope and touch the opposite end with my ass. If I didn’t walk quickly enough for their liking, a few lashes of the cane across my thighs motivated me to move faster. Back and forth I walked the rope, torturing my already sore pussy until it felt like it was raw and bleeding. I lost count of how many times I did the rope walk, but I know it lasted easily over half an hour. My Dom and Mistress were enjoying my suffering immensely.

Eventually I was allowed to stop, but not dismount the torturous rope. My Dom removed my pacifier from my mouth so I could speak. “How’s that useless pussy of yours feeling, piggy?”

“It hurts so much. Please let me off.”

“Oh, I don’t know. We were planning on keeping this going for at least an hour. You’re barely halfway done.”

“Oh god, there’s no way I can go that much longer. Please, please let me off.”

“Now why would we do that? We love watching you suffer for us.”

“I can’t take it. Please, you can torture me some other way. Please. It hurts too much.”

“There’s no such thing as hurting too much; not when you’re concerned. But we can be reasonable. Instead of another 30 minutes, I’ll reduce it to 10 minutes. But, you’ll have to do those 10 minutes while wearing the heavy nipple clamps and while reciting ‘I am a naughty pig and I deserve to have my pussy tortured’ over and over again, loudly.”
I dreaded the addition of the nipple clamps, knowing that walking with them on would add to my suffering considerably, but I knew I couldn’t go another 30 minutes. Reluctantly, I agreed. My Dom eagerly attached the heavy and painful clamps to my nipples, then lashed the backs of my thighs hard with the cane to send me walking again. For 10 more minutes I tortured my pussy and nipples for their amusement while yelling repeatedly, “I am a naughty pig and I deserve to have my pussy tortured.” My Dom and Mistress were beside themselves with glee. I could feel tears running down my face by the time I was finally released.

I was allowed off the rope but the clamps remained. My Dom attached a leash to them and pulled me around the basement for a while as my Mistress was upstairs fixing lunch. He ordered me to my hands and knees because I was slower that way, which meant he could pull the leash harder and torture my nipples more.

When my Mistress returned they sat down to eat. I knelt in front of them and was handed a large baby bottle of some unrecognizable liquid. I had drank a lot at breakfast and was already feeling the urge to pee. More liquid isn’t exactly what I wanted, but I knew better than to refuse it. It was rather foul tasting and I was humiliated to be drinking out of a baby bottle. While eating their lunch, they took turns yanking on my nipple-leash to encourage me to drink all of my bottle “like a good little piggy.” The painful nipple clamps remained on until I finished every drop.

After lunch it was time for a good old fashion spanking. My Mistress shoved my pacifier back in my mouth and explained the rules. “You will bend over, spread your legs, and grab your ankles. You will hold this position while I paddle your fat ass. Each time you move out of position, even just a little, your Dom will give you two penalty lashes with the cane.”

I assumed the position and braced myself. My Mistress hit hard. I knew I would be earning quite a few lashes of the cane before this was done. She gave me no warm up and immediately began paddling me full force. I wasn’t ready and moved to cover my ass after just the third stroke. My Dom wasted no time penalizing me with the cane. I screamed with each one and quickly got back into position. My Mistress clearly wanted to punish me as much as possible. She did not hold back on even a single stroke. Each stroke of the paddle had me yelling in pain, and I’d estimate that I failed to hold the position for more than five consecutive strokes. I lost count of both the strokes of the paddle and punishment lashes from the cane. I just know that my ass was tortured until I was crying profusely.

After my paddling/caning, I was sent to kneel in a corner and compose myself. They chatted to each other about how pathetic I was. Only a pathetic pig would allow herself to be treated like this, and since I allowed it, I deserved it. I deserved to be tortured and abused in the most cruel and sadistic ways they could imagine. I knew they were right.

Eventually I was called to crawl back over to them. By this time I really, really had to pee. I tried mumbling through my pacifier to get their attention. Irritated, my Mistress yanked it out of my mouth and asked me what my problem was.

“Please Mistress, I really need to use the bathroom.”

“You what?”

“I have to use the bathroom. I need to pee.”

“Oh, you need to pee. How badly do you need to pee?”

“Very badly, Mistress.”

“Tough shit. Spread your legs.”

I spread my knees wide, which only increased my urge to go. My Dom started fondling my tits, manhandling them and squeezing them hard enough to hurt. I instinctively began pulling my knees together, but was quickly reprimanded by my Mistress for doing so. After a few minutes of this treatment, I thought I was going to burst.

“Please Mistress, I’m so sorry but I really have to go. Please, I can’t hold it anymore.”

“Shut the fuck up! Who told you to speak? You are such a fucking baby. You have no self control whatsoever. Only babies can’t control themselves. You know what, if you are going to act like a baby, you are going to be treated like one.” She shoved my pacifier back in my mouth and stormed off.

I quickly realized that this was a planned part of my torment. I was given a lot to drink deliberately so that they could refuse my use of the bathroom and humiliate me with it. There was nothing I could to avoid it. I almost died when I saw what she was carrying when she returned – a large, adult diaper. Oh no.

I was mortified as she put the diaper on me. “There, now we don’t have to worry about your lack of self control anymore. You can pee whenever you feel like it. Well? You said you had to go. Go.”

I continued to hold it, mostly in an effort to hold onto whatever dignity I had left. My Dom would have none of it. He started rubbing my lower stomach, putting pressure on just the right spot. I hung my head in shame as I proceeded to pee in my diaper. They laughed and laughed at my degradation. I wanted to die.

To add to my misery I was, of course, not permitted to remove my wet diaper. I was tied seated to a chair. My Mistress lined several glasses of various liquids up in front of me, each with a long straw that I could just reach with my mouth. “Drink up, piggy.” I really didn’t want to. To encourage me to drink, my Dom stood behind me firmly grasping my hair while my Mistress started slapping me across the face. Right cheek, left cheek, over and over again until I couldn’t stand it and agreed to start drinking.

After drinking two full glasses, I stopped. There were still two more left to go. Sitting in a wet diaper just didn’t give me a desire to keep drinking. I looked at my Dom and Mistress with pleading eyes. They saw only my disobedience. They both responded by slapping my face this time. My Dom slapped my right cheek while my Mistress slapped the left one. I felt like my face was on fire and soon started drinking again.

When I finally finished, I was freed from the chair, but not the diaper. It was clear I was going to be stuck wearing it until I was forced to pee myself again. I was thoroughly disgusted. Once again my pacifier was shoved into my mouth. My Mistress thought I looked like the perfect sulking baby that she insisted on taking some pictures of me in my diaper with my pacifier to preserve my humiliation for later.

I was tied standing and spread-eagle so they could continue torturing me while I digested my fluids. They put the hellish nipple clamps back on me and tied them to a rope that ran through a pulley and to an empty bucket. My Dom explained, “We are going to put a small hose in the bucket and turn the water on to a slow stream. Very slowly the bucket will begin to fill and grow heavy. As it does, it will begin pulling your poor nipples more and more painfully. It should take quite a while for the real fun to start, so we are going upstairs to watch a little television. We’ll be back later to see if your nipples are still attached. Have fun. Oh, I imagine the sound of the running water will do wonders for your bladder control issues.” They laughed and went upstairs to leave me suffer alone.

The water was running extremely slowly, more like a trickle; and for a long time it was just the natural tightness of the clamps that hurt. Eventually the bucket began to fill and the pull on my nipples became noticeable. It was about that time that I could feel my bladder growing full again too.

By the time my Dom and Mistress returned, the pain in my nipples was severe. I was ready to beg them for mercy, but it turns out I didn’t have to. My Mistress took a second long hose and put one end in the bucket and one end between my lips. “See how merciful we can be? If the weight of the bucket is too much for you to bear, you can reduce it just by drinking the water. Now that you’re all set here, we’re going back upstairs.”

I had no choice but to start sucking on the hose and drink the water. My stomach and bladder were already so full, but I was afraid that the weight was going to rip my nipples right off. The longer I was left there, the more my misery grew. When I next heard them come downstairs I sincerely hoped I’d be freed. I was wrong.

“Have you pissed yourself again yet, piggy?” I shook my head no.

“Well, I guess that means we can speed up the flow into the bucket.” I fiercely shook my head no again, but was ignored. My torture was going to continue until I was forced to pee myself again. The water flowed more heavily into the bucket and I was forced to drink more of it to spare my nipples. I badly had to pee again but resisted because of the unnatural feel of going while standing like that. The mental anguish was almost more than I could bear, worse than the physical pain. I started crying about the same time that I began to pee in my already wet diaper. My Mistress and Dom were greatly amused.

They finally released my nipples from the clamps and I screamed as the blood rushed back into them. My Dom took the chance to increase the pain by pinching and twisting my nipples while I cried. I begged them to take the diaper off me. “Absolutely not. You think we want that filthy thing in our house? You will wear it home and take if off there.” I hung my head in despair.

They were not quite ready to let me go home. I was untied and ordered to kneel before them with hands raised and palms up. My Dom used a small paddle to beat the palms of my hands until they were bright red and felt like they were on fire. My Mistress then had me kneel on a chair with my feet hanging over the edge so she could use a riding crop to beat the soles of my feet until they were equally red and burning. Finally they spent another few minutes slapping me across the face until I was once again crying and begging for mercy.

Finally they were ready to send me home. They shoved my pacifier back into my mouth. They placed several strips of duct tape around my diaper to make it harder to get off. They wanted to make sure I didn’t take it off before I was actually home, and had to drive the whole way sitting in a wet diaper. I was brought upstairs and given my departing instructions.

“You will keep your SLUT collar on and your pacifier in your mouth for all to see, including while walking from your car to your house. You will keep sucking on your pacifier until you are ready for bed. You will drive the long way home and make sure not to exceed the speed limit at all. We want you to spend the maximum amount of time driving around in your diaper. When you get home you will crawl to the bathroom. Before you are allowed to remove your diaper you will kneel in front of your full length mirror and spend 15 minutes looking at what a fat, filthy, pathetic, pig you are. Only after those 15 minutes may you finally remove your disgusting diaper. You may then quickly rinse yourself in the shower, using only cold water. You will then go directly to bed. Naughty babies don’t get to stay up late. Any questions?”

I shook my head no. I was given my now dirty trench coat and sent outside for the long walk to my car and even longer drive home.