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2013-02-17 08:46:54 (UTC)

Climbing the Ladder

I use to climb the ladder effortlessly. Just run up the ladder, the steps were just a means to get to the top. I am now at the bottom of the ladder. I look up and can’t see my destination, just steps, each step seem very hard to surmount and requires great effort. I need to lift up my legs and get on the ladder, taking each step at a time (that easy hey). I can’t even take the first step. Why? Is it because I think I can’t get to the top? Hence no point in even starting….. Is it because I have no strength to lift my leg up or I just want to wallow at the bottom of the ladder?
I take a step back and remember who I am. I am the one who can achieve great things. I am the one who has been bestowed greatness. I am the one that is destined to be used as a conduit. I am the one that has been equipped with all the necessary tools to be a climber. I also remind myself that I am blessed!
I can’t achieve or do these things at the bottom of the ladder. At the bottom of the ladder, there is hardly any space; it is filled with people like me.
I dry my eyes wiping my tears, summon some courage and strength and raise my right leg up as I make a move towards the first of many steps.