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2013-02-17 08:46:34 (UTC)

Inner Strength

I will need inner strength to survive this one!
I keep on talking about zoning and inner strength. Well, I will need it now if I am going to survive. The sand is around my torso. I have to dig deep, discover myself and walk in a higher plane. I need to put the pain into perspective. It’s just knives and daggers; they are not stronger than my mind. I can conquer pain. My biggest battle is against fear. How can I stop this fear? What am I scared of? Well, the obvious. The sand will cover me and I will die! I will lose everything. I will be useless to everybody especially my kids. I can’t lose my senses, I can’t stop loving, I can’t stop seeking, I can’t stop hoping, I can’t stop fighting. I need to get out of this sand. Getting out will not be easy and it will require patience. I need to work out how I can do this. I need a clear mind. I also know that I will need the help of Elohim, THE LIVING ONE. So that’s the plan. I will do my bit and let him get me out.