always wth love

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2013-02-16 19:33:25 (UTC)


Ummm.. I woke up at 3:45am it's my daily thing ugh
I know today it's perfect to be out, I didn't want go anywhere ...even thou I didn't have a choice & so I went to library & others that aren't important to me at this time of my life .... Around 7 something in the morning
Before I left my room I have text my friend from last night than I see the text she sent me when I gotten I read it & ignored like it didn't bother me..but when I text her again I gotten the same text ugh!!!
Before it was 11, my headaches came back,like something really changed that much; you guys can say I'm broken over thinker & always alone---- you it's true I won't lie to that...
I'm obsessed of reading... But besides I'm over texted people when I'm I pain or just bored .... I been lost so long I didn't where go, for the future ...
I think way to damn much & now my head hurts within these headaches
Bye bye bye...oh yea sducidal is what I want