deanne and Connor

our dialog
2013-02-16 09:49:30 (UTC)


W/we do this at times......just the unfortunate circumstance of distance, time, and the nature of our unique relationship causes hiccups in our sensual timeline. However, we gravitate back to one A/another naturally through the bonds of D/s, Love, marriage, and best F/friends.

I adore My slut and once again remind her that W/we are one forever and that regardless of obstacles on either side, W/we will always be this for one A/another.

I crave you very badly and I will HAVE you in mere minutes....



You indeed had me this morning for two incredible hours. As always the time together and my time serving You was incredible. i look forward to another visit tomorrow and already cringe at the thought of You being away next weekend.



Missed you today but of course understood the "weather" events and the repurcussions....

I will be looking for you every morning and hopefully a night or two so I can be with you this week.

Your Master