Experienced Life
2013-02-14 22:10:03 (UTC)

Got turned down again

Today, we had our Valentine's dinner at one of our member's restaurant. It was ok. Lots of friends there. There was a lady that seemed interesting and we've chatted a little here and there. So tonight, I threw another hint to find out if she may be interested in going out. She hesitated and I could see it was not going to come out good for me. So I instead said "that's ok, your silence just answered my question".
I smiled and left it at that. So yeah, I was shot down again.

Other than that, lots of small talk with the group. It's nice to be with friends but it does suck to get turned down again. I dunno, I was dressed pretty good, clean, nice cologne, I always seem to be in the inner group having the most fun chatting about anything. Yet, I seem to be striking out in the dating scene.

I'm not out searching desperately for someone. I thought my frame of mind was calm, relaxed and not out hunting desperatly. Letting things flow instead of paddling upstream. Work, friends, finances seem to be going fine so I don't know what the fuck I'm doing wrong or right.

Oh well, I have beer and wine and my dart machine always seem to keep me relaxed when I'm home. House is pretty clean and fridge is full of food.

I'm thinking and maybe a little worried that I picked up some of my Evil ex's characteristics. You know how some dog owners start looking like their pets? I'm hoping I didn't pick up any of the Ex's traits. I hope I'm smart enough to notice if I do. I don't think I did but these things sometimes just creep up without you noticing. If this is happening and I don't know it, then I better figure it out and get my act together. Valentines can be confusion.

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