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2013-02-10 20:52:04 (UTC)

Relive( my life again)

I wish I can leave my home but, I don't know? Where to go?
My life is mess i can't even get a simple kiss
I wish my mom can help me& she can take care of me; when I was a child
But now I'm so damn faraway that's no way to ask that question
My relationship with God hasn't been good I had lifted him when I turn out to be lesbian last summer on July 9,2012...
It's sad now that I don't have real relationship with my mom or my uncle
Even you guys are asking,why? What is she talking about?
My mom lefts with my childhood friend "L" when I was eight and now that I'm eighteen nothing really changed since than, the only thing that changed was my lil brother was born & that didn't really changed that much
I guess you say life is a train wreck without a murder in the night
No one really knows that I had took my first legal drink when I was seventeen, that was good idea that I had experience; I don't have any regrets about that time in my life
But now I wish I drink again without feeling someone is going catch me
I Lie on those two lines,sorry
I just hope someone can read this without being judgmental and is depressed, confused, lonely & suicidal
I want to die right now without so I don't feel this anymore
Saturday was rough cuz my ex-relationship with "S" that had effected my summer of 2012..
Now I just want!! Her & nothin else
So we talk again as friends ...
Well I'm going off ,now bye .. I guess