Time of my life
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2013-02-10 13:44:04 (UTC)

Inspired But still in my darkness side

I was so inspired on what I saw in this site well yeah , whatever well I was inspired in this person who's been diagnosis I wont tell the name but if you read this I am proud of you well yeah kind of , Today I don't feel good because my parent's , my sister and me have fight again . Well let say almost every day we did that but today my mind tells me that , " that's enough you had it every day , everytime that you'll see them nothing change go get some fresh air to think " that was my mind tell me .. well even that I can't understand why we always fight I need to be strong .

But on what I said when I came to this site today I saw a poem from the person who I was inspired . That's why I am going to make my own poem well even I am not good at it I am going to give it a try


" You gave me birth
you fight with me
you protect me
When I m sad your there

But how can I explain it
I feel that there is a darkness behide me
there is no one who protect me like before
there's no space that I can feel

We used to talk
we used to smile at the same time
we used are time to bond
but now I feel there's no love

There is no place for me to call home
in this house I feel like I am an air
that no one can see
I guess I am just an air that no one love

I miss the time we laugh
I miss the time we bond
I hate it when we fight
But how can I tell you this things
if I don't have enough strength to speak "