A Teenage Girl Life "J"
2013-02-10 07:47:44 (UTC)

About Me (:

Hi , My name is Julieanne . Im In middle school and im in 8th grade and
Im Fourteen .Im Not the best/good teenager girl , I cant say im smart . I dont really do work at school and I "Hate" School. So Like yeah Im not a perfect Teen Girl .My Life Is So Hard ... I Lost My Brother when i was 11 years old hes name is Mark , I Miss my brother alot he died by drowning and i will never forget that day </3 . Well Lets not talk about that. Well Like my Parents , Me and my mom are getting well me and her
uesd to argue everytime and now we dont and well Like me and my dad we always argue everytime , it hurts me that He argues with me every time.Now Me and My Little brother Andre ..Ughhhh .... Hes just To
Much ...And My little Sister Jill ohmygosh I lOVE her so much shes only 1 yrs old but shes everything she makes me smile when im down (: . My Bestfriends Are CRAZY !!!! They Are just So craycray (Crazy) But I love them And thier name is Lizette ,Daisa, Victoria,Nikki,Maricarmen <3 . Well Lets talk about me . Well Im Single , I Love Food <3 . I still miss my ex . I hate school . I Hate my life . I love to sing and dance <3. I love Art and i love texting and i love to talk alot and Im a good advice person (: . Im not boring i love to have fun and I hate boring people . My favorite Color is Every Color and I LOVE neon colors . I love fashion <3'. I love makeup <3 . I love jordans shoes and Every brand of shoes Lol (:.