I Think There Is More - Dr. Hyde & Mr. G
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2013-02-10 00:01:43 (UTC)

Wellcum, the addiction begins...

Who i am matters NOT! Why? Your interests in satisfying that curious urge that beckons for connection; you know, the one that allows you TO associate or dissociate yourself via like or dislike from someone or something you find offensive.... or pleasurable! Of that notion i am far removed and well i assure you of nothing!!! While i DO offer (deep sigh) mindful escapes from neurotic structuralism aka the weekly same ole same with _____. (fill in the blank) However, i nor my NYMPHONIC alter, are responsible for your pathetic FUCKING outcum.... there are some things you must first know!(call them questionable guidelines.... if you will)

4) Following this diary will end your desire to struggle (to submit in a non-dom kinda way IS your only hope)

3)You must focus on what is going to happen to your reflected self (ask yourself prior to clicking each post, "Will i be affected physically or mentally?")

2)Drink plenty of water (it is BENEATH you not to stay hydrated.... dry skin is as abrasive as sandblasted nail polish) (pain-filled too!)

1)Physical contact may lead to YOUR total satisfaction (whatever you CREED, never neglect yourself OF those things meant to emancipate your body toward PLEASURE!!!

Those disposed to skepticism beware! Taboo infected minds at work.... lets go!

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