always wth love

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2013-02-10 00:02:50 (UTC)

Black out!

Black out!
Yea that how I feel like a black out
I post & post everything
Except my picture
I think it's better that way to hide myself
I hate mine smile
I don't think I'm very beautiful
I been distance a lot more this year than my whole life
I never had one good friend without losing contact with them
Moments as child aren't good ones that I can't remember
The old photos of me as a child but, they bring back sadness
Well I guess you can, my life is mess up & complicated
All I want is love is that wrong
I hate being abandon within the world
I hate being single
I hate it all
I hate this day, this year, I hate my myself
Don't like this I want fucking disappear
Right now!!!
Oh yea last summer I found out I'm lesbian that's a secret