deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2013-02-08 10:22:30 (UTC)

Blizzard blues....

Its Friday and we have an impending blizzard with 2-3 feet of snow predicted along with possible hurricane force winds and plenty of blowing, drifting and possible power outages. Work is cancelled and i am home doing a million and one things that not only need doing but to help settle the jitters of the coming storm and my own sexual tension.

And yet all i can think of this morning is how much i miss Him. It's been two weeks since i served him -- since i tasted his cock and cum, since i felt Him penetrate and thrust deep into my loins to bring Himself pleasure. So today i am selfish and craving it.

i just hope that power is not lost otherwise i risk not seeing Him this weekend, either.

i crave His touch, in all of my nooks; i have not
s erved Him in too long a period and i
H ave to have Him soon.

N owhere do i get the satisfaction He brings me....
e very weekend...and i need
m ore.....very soon.

i ache for You, Master.


Your cunt.

MASTER has returned from an extended trip and seeks to immediately reclaim what is His and His alone. she has been improperly touched by a pretender until My return. I will immediately be taking her to her back, spreading her legs, and licking her back to sanity. her body solely belongs to Me and I have need to fill it with My seed again and again to rinse her back to balance. The urge to serve will be satisfied by her......over and over and over again. she offhandedly asked in a text if i have grown bored or weary with her. she will be punished for even letting that thought cross her mind.

come to Me soon My cunt.......SOON

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