Slaves Journey
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2013-02-07 17:24:56 (UTC)


My submission allows my life to be simple. My ability to love someone so much that I can give them total control and trust does just that, allows me to breath, to be simple...

He bears all the worries, he bears all the stress and handling of so many things. He does all this out of love for me. He is strong enough to take it all off my shoulders so I can do what I love, focus on him.

My need is simple, I need to please him. If you understand that than that is great if you do not than you never will..

Simply put I need to please him, for when he is pleased I am without a doubt the focus, the center of his world.

To my me life is yes sir, no sir, my pleasure sir, and the best line, its already taken care of sir.

My ideal are different, my life is different than many can imagine..

Am i weak? god no, I am stronger than most.

I go to school, i work, i take care of the kids, i take care of the house, the cooking, cleaning, and my Master.

I can submit because I am strong. My submission comes from a place that I choose to let it out for him. My submission doesn't come from that place where I am weak.

I stand before him, no words are even needed...His eyes look to the floor and that is where i go, straight to masters feet.

And with that I am whole again...He is whole and together we soar

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