Time of my life
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2013-02-07 13:19:46 (UTC)

Wind flower

Wind Flower lyrics
Pieonaji anaseo

Barabomyeonseo sumi makhimyeon
Nuneul gameunchae sal ado joeulgga

Boji anado boyeoseo
Deutji anado deulyeoseo
Geudae sumgyeoleh dasi sal anan baramggotcheoreom

Gago sifeodo motganeun
An goh sifeodo motanneun
Geudae songgeutih naemameh daeuhni

Gin gin bamih jinagoh namyeon algga
Nunmul sokeh utgoh ihtneun sarangeul

Jabgoh sifeodo motjabneun
Gagoh sifeodo motganeun
Geudae maheumeh dasi sal-anan baramggotcheoreom

Boji anado boyeoseo
Deutji anado deulyeoseo
Barameh sillyeo heuteohjeo nallimyeo
Geudae maheumeh heuteohjeo nallimyeo

that's the song I just want to listen to it every time but guess what it just make me feel sad I just wish that if I die this song will still be remember even that the world just and now the world has full of sadness and darkness that hung up to us .....

maybe I belong to the past but I would find out soon who I am in that past and that is if I am being a REINCARNATE even if I need to travel the world to know who i am I will do it just to find the real me.. cuz I know I don't just belong to this world I know I belong to some world that far in here I know it I can feel it ......
I just wonder is there someone waiting me to came back ..

I wish I can find my answer sooner or later ......

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