Time of my life
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2013-02-07 13:09:47 (UTC)

Can I just die

having my life as a teenagers is normal but is it normal to feel that you don't even belong to this world that you had I meant like you feel like you belong in the past you see things you can also remember people that you see in your dream?

I ask my self before Am I different to the other people ..??
do you guy's know the song of Wind flower ?? that song remind me of something but I don't know why ......

today i feel that I was a lonely person because I leave something important because I feel like there is no one can underdstand me
well.. I can't do anything about it.... T_T

I just want to know if I am a reincarnate or what ...I don't know if that world is even exist but if I am a reincarnate who Iam really in the past ..?? who really I am ..??

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