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2013-02-06 19:54:48 (UTC)

Good day at work

Had a good day at work today. We're learning a new IT product called an F5. New IT shit that can do all sorts of things. We had a luncheon for all the peeps that have their birthdays this month. One of the gals said I was dressed nice today. Some of the guys asked if I was going for an interview. Little do they know I bought my outfit from EcoThrift. It's a for profit 2nd hand store.

The ex called today. First time since they split.

Ex: Chris is still sick

Me: Nothing I can do about it can I?
Me: Why did you say I returned your mail from Healthy families?(Cheap State funded medical). I don't have the time to mess with that and you should have taken care of these things when you moved out of State.

Ex: I took Chris to the ER.

Me: Ok, and nothing I can do about it but again, you did move them while they were sick. However, I mailed his meds to you and you should get it today.

Ex: Nevermind, I don't need the meds anymore. I got it when I took Chris to the ER.

Me: Too dang late now isn't it? This is what happens when you don't communicate. Anyway, what do you want?

Ex: It's your fault that we aren't together because you treated your friends better. I was happy to be with you.

Me: I won't go around this merry-go-round with you. Anything else you want to talk about because this is old and the same old bullshit.

Ex: ..... (silence)

Me: click.

So, I'm way too calm for this. In fact, I was bored when we were talking. Got me thinking a little. I remember awhile ago that the worse most terrible thing you can do to a person is not to get upset and yell at them but it's when you are bored and don't even spend much time or effort on them. I'm thinking that the Ex leaving the Sate was probably the best thing for me. I thought I'd feel like shit since with the kids gone but it hasn't been like that. I seem to be doing better at work. My friends now call and want to hook up with me more frequently since the kiddos are gone. I'm must be sweating happy sweat or something because things are going pretty good.

I got my State refund today and I paid my credit cards off. I actually have zero balance on my credit cards! woo hoo!!! I have a zero interest loan that will be completed by Oct. That would leave only my SUV payments and that has a balance of around 5500. This June, we won't have our one day a month furloughs anymore. That's around another 300-350 more a month. Then we get a 3 percent raise that month too as long as there isn't an economic meltdown or something, life is looking better. If I ever decide to downsize from a house to an apt, then even better.

Well, it's time for dinner. I need to prep my steak. Later diary :)

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