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2013-02-05 21:38:49 (UTC)

Another good day at work

Work flew by today. Got a lot done and have a lot of work coming up this month. I've been doing surprisingly well. I don't know how. I should be a mess. In fact I'm feeling a little guilty that I'm doing this well.

I did see a little girl with a ponytail today while I was with my buddies having lunch. She looked a little like ten yr. old Veronica. That made me miss her a little but my survival instinct kicked in and I brushed it off quickly.

I don't question myself much anymore. I know I changed. Not sure if its for the better or worse but this is me. I accept it. I sometimes surprise myself and have to chuckle at how I take some things not so seriously.

I'm still funny at times. I still communicate with peeps so friends are plentiful. The nights are when I have time to reflect on things and this is where I soothe my mind and soul (and not by drinking). It's a calming effect to just sit back and let my mind relax.

I'm happy today. Not lunatic happy or just-had-sex happy but good enough. I can feel my heartbeat and it's going at a nice relaxing pace. I've been dressing up a little at work and have been getting some looks and/or complements from both sides of the sex.

I'm still overweight but not depressed about it. Still contemplating working out again. Sucks that my right leg is becoming a bum leg. It hurts sleeping on my right side so I hope my future lady likes the side of the bed that will let me lay on my left side when we look at each other. If not, she'll be looking at my feet. Lol. Not really. Men will do whatever it takes to get some nookie.

I did Pray a lot these past couple of weeks. It wasn't for me. I almost never pray for me. I feel selfish asking because a lot of my prayers do get answered. I'm talking about real serious prayers and not silly ones like material stuff or who's going to win the Super Bowl. All stuff I pray for are down to earth things. I prayed for friends and family to heal and get better quickly. The last prayer I had was asking God to make sure my kiddos don't yearn or cry for me. Help them heal quickly and for them to not feel pain from this situation.

So that's all I got for. Till next time :)

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