Slaves Journey
2013-02-06 01:31:40 (UTC)

life changes

My life has changed, a lot more than I wanted and to quickly. I am feeling very very overwhelmed at this point...

I have some major major decisions in the next few days....yes, days..

In the past 5 days my heart has been crushed stomped on and damaged in a way no person should have to endure...

I have lost one of my jobs and the security of where I live.

Did i mention my shattered heart? along with that I lost my best friend...So with all this going on is bad enough but add to that I do not have my best friend to lean on..................or do I?

He says he loves me, that we are working things out. I love him, need him but worry about the risk of being hurt again, worried if i can ever really trust him.....i guess time will tell

I have made a lot of mistakes and am honestly trying to fix them...Is he? Is willing to let a part of his need to be in control let it go for a bit to prove to me, and show me what is needed to fix this? I just don't know...i would hope if he loves me like he does that he would put his needs aside to help me through this..just as i am willing to my needs aside to show him..

Anyhow, I am quitting my jobs, living off tax refund in order to take a 3 week course for my cna certificate...within 4 months I am going to have to move out of where i am now...

My ideal situation would be him and I work things out amazingly, i take this course find a great job and move in and marry the man i love and adore...

those are my choices and my wishes....time will tell