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2013-02-04 21:06:42 (UTC)

Had a great weekend

As far as my life goes, I guess I had a pretty good weekend. Friends kept me busy. I went to a Superbowl party like most people did. My friend hosted and he has a foosball table. One of the guys (Brian) was saying how they kicked butt at foosball. My buddy Jim C laughed and said "get ready for a rude awakening. Play Mondo".

So we played. Jim C was there to watch the slaughter. I won 10-0. Brian never played or ventured near the foosball table again for the rest of the night. I used to play a lot as a kid. I'm an old fart now but I can still kick any old fart's butt at foosball.

One of our buddies(Andy) may or may not have been drunk. We watched him walk thru a screen door. It was so funny!! He wasn't hurt but I did have to make fun of him today of facebook. I posted a joke. It went like this.
Knock Knock!
Who's .."crash" oh... hi Andy.

Then the game started. All of them Niner fans. So I asked if anyone wanted to bet. The rest was of course history. Got drunk, had fun, left with more money than what I came with. Even my cooler ended up with more beer than when I came in with. Apparently, everyone used my cooler to keep things cold and they didn't want to take it home. lol. Plus, cutie (now my friend zone pal) lives nearby so she came over and drove us there. All was good. Got home safe and sound.

Today at work we were very busy. Did my job and had fun too. Went to lunch with the co-workers. Ate a 1/2 pound burger at this place call Fuddruckers. First time I had a burger that big. I'm such a pig.

Of course, the day wouldn't end without some drama. The ex emailed saying that the 7 yr old is still sick and that it's my fault that I didn't want to send them the medicine they left behind. I had to respond and said " Maybe it's your fault for moving the kids out of State and you snuck out and planned things poorly. Perhaps you weren't thinking about their well being." Then I stopped. I took a step back and saw what I was doing. I'm really wasting my time here is what I was thinking. Told her I was tired of it and to stop emailing me. I had a great weekend. In fact, I had a pretty good week and didn't want her to bring me down. Reminded me a little of my friend that is always bringing peeps down.

I guess I shouldn't talk since I'm mostly bitching and whining here on this diary. But again, only two people know me here somewhat virtually personally. That would be Michele and Amber. And this is my place to let loose my thoughts and feelings. Some imaginative and are just possible paths in life that I could go but mostly it's real and deep. So I post. Till next time diary.

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