Experienced Life
2013-02-04 20:57:02 (UTC)

Depressed friend

Friend from our group posted about being depressed. I've know her for a year or so but not too close. I know she has two boys. One in his 20s and the other I think is around 10-12 yrs old.

Her son is in the service and was happy that he came home for a week or two. Now she is all over the place saying how sad she is and all that. Then she complained that she let someone stay at her place and now some of her 10 yr old's video games are now missing.

Now I'm hearing that some of the peeps in our group doesn't want to invite her because of her son. Don't really know about her son or the way he is.

I just look at her situation and compare it with mine. Sounds very similar. I too lost the kiddos. They aren't pegged to be coming back anytime if ever. Also, before they left, the ex ransacked my home. All but two ps3 games are left. 30 or so is gone.

I almost want to tell my friend to "man up". Some of us are in the same boat but then I may not be the norm so I let her rant. Hope she does better soon.

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