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2001-10-10 08:57:23 (UTC)

Live and let die

Today was ok. I woke up like 2 hrs. early. And I figured
out you can't have a fucking guestbook on here because it
doesn't support HTML. Arg. I found out why Farangus left so
I called JK to tell her. Have any of you guys ever checked
out It's actually decent. Nicole said it
was stupid but I guess she hasn't seen it lately. I will be
on it a lot I think. My e-mail there is:
[email protected] .

Anyway, I went out with Anthony² tonight and Nicole. We
went to Vaginal Itch (a.k.a. Village Inn) and had some
grizub. Our waitress was a bitch. I hate bitch waitresses.
Like they have room to be bitchy? They make like $2.50 an
hour tip. They don't have room to be a bitch to me. We
left her a dollar tip and stole the ash tray. I think a
dollar was very generous. Bah.

We all went to Anthony's and tried out this $2,500 vacuum
cleaner that Nicole has to try and sell for her work. The
thing was phat pero no way in carajo would I pay 2500 for a
fucking vacuum cleaner.

I met Ambur today. She is gonna make some pants for me. She
is a fashion designer. Imma have me some black cargos. She
is nice. Anth said she had been drinking, but who cares?

I wanna spend the night at Anthony's. Yeah. Maybe I can
sleep there. That'd be nice. Imma go.

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