Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2013-02-02 20:38:41 (UTC)


So, I've managed to stave off oblivion once again, not sure entirely how, but, I did. I spoke to another bankruptcy trustee, they were unwilling to do the low income thing with my particular case, so now I have to call the canadian office of the superintendent of bankruptcy. sounds officious. it is. but, you know, then I have to go through some rigamarole and fill out some papers and blah blah, it'll be about 2 to 4 weeks I figure before i hear anything back, but in the meantime I have to come up with about $1100 to pay it up front. so much love.

I'm still on paragraph 2 of the letter i started to my grandpapa, I'm hoping to write another paragraph and then send it off sunday, I can't put it off any longer, I had just hoped I could get 2 pages or 3 even, but, no such luck, I have nothing to say to him, or rather nothing positive to say that won't be construed by my step grandmother as asking for help, or asking for anything other than a hello on the other end of the line once a month. oh well. c'est la vie, as they say.

I'm putting the car up for sale for 3 grand, I'm pretty much willing to take 2 grand for it, and then pay the bankruptcy stuff, although I've had the scooter up for a month now, I don't think it'll sell except into april so that sucks. for me. blah.