my diary
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2013-02-02 06:26:28 (UTC)


dear diary
well today I had school ugg. well mine and Dakotas one month adversary is feb 5 3 more days away. well I hope he goes skating tonight so I can see him. I miss him alote because he don't go to my school. I got in trouble in school today ut it dosnt hurt me. well sitting here listing to music and typing this might get back on Facebook in a min and see who is on. so bored my cat had kittins and I haven't wrote in a while alote has happened. I have gotten in trouble and I have had more bfs. well lets see I dated Devin the Bradley and Luke and now I am with Dakota and I plan to stay with him for along along time. josh and his ex got back together and I think he shouldn't of did tht he is so dumb. but u can tell him nothing so I have to live with it. well about to go to sleep night