deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2013-02-01 22:44:25 (UTC)


My property has been too far from Me this week. she has had a busy work week and even more hectic mornings during the time she normally awakens Me. I will forgive her (this time) for leaving too quickly again today and not waiting the 3 minutes (minimum) for Master's reply. I EXPECT this to be corrected or proper apologies made for quick exits due to weather or traffic, etc.

she knows better........there is an expectation......there always will be....

Master will see you soon slut......expect it

slut's response....

Master is right, it was a very busy week with some snow one day also which both affected my being available.

i hope Your travels to see Your family this weekend have been fun and that Your return home is safe.

i will see You soon, Master......expect it.