Experienced Life
2013-02-01 17:59:35 (UTC)

Text from the EX

The evil Ex texted me asking me why I returned her mail from Healthy families? I didn't and wouldn't even bother to go through that much effort to return the mail to sender. Still, she blames me that I did that. Little does she realize maybe it was perhaps her old house where she and her man set up house the mail went to. Perhaps the new owners of that place after the ex and her man foreclosed their house returned the mail and not me? I say tough shit to that bitch!

That's what you get for uprooting the kids and not thinking about the consequences. Anyway, whatever mail for her that was here I sent over to her Mom's place where she is living now. I actually tried to call her but her phone is now out of service. I'm sure it's because she didn't pay her phone bill. Now, she'll have to pay extra to re-activate the phone. She is one dumb bitch. No wonder she is even more messed up than me physically.

On the lighter side of things, I did notice the fridge is very clean and organized. It's staying clean on the inside and out. There are some perks when kiddos aren't living with you. Laundry is not piled a mile high and I'm pretty much caught up with laundry. Kitchen is looking nice and the floor is clean and not dirty or sticky. There aren't 1/2 empty containers of juice, water, soda, etc. Toilet paper seems to never go empty on the roller anymore. No dishes piled in the sink. Bathroom is staying relatively clean. Backyard is looking better. Just less clutter overall too. So even though I don't have the kiddos, there are some positives from this. :)