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2013-01-31 23:48:32 (UTC)

A quiet and cold night

It's nice and quiet tonight. Very cold though. I know, I'm wimpy since it's really only 30 ish outside but I'm from Hawaii so to me, that's like -20 degrees.

I got paid so I went out shopping for household stuff. Just something to kill time so I don't have to think so much. I guess walking around the store impulse shopping is something I must like. Not sure if it's because I was once so piss ass poor and I could only watch people with things and envied them from afar. Maybe it's me quenching the stuff I missed out on when I was a kid.

Forgot to say that I saw a stray cat the other day crossing the street where I live. It reminded me of the kids. My son would be outside and he would take lure the cat and bring her in the house for a couple hrs. Fed her and played with her before I had the kiddos let her back out. It of course hurt a little seeing the cat. That's why I throw all the stuff in the house away so I don't have to hurt so much. So now should I shoot that cat? just kidding.

We also got the 7 yr old boy's report card from school. Looks like he was progressing. His reading WPM was increasing and the grades were looking better. It wasn't up to par yet but it was the best I've seen him improve in such a short time. Teacher said she will continue to work with him and for us to keep up with what we're doing too. Well, that plan is pretty much fucked. He'll have to repeat the 2nd or 3rd grade without my help. Whatever. Not much I can do anyway.

Also tonight, I heard some noise in the back patio. I took out my firearm and took a peek out back. A big black cat (not the one kiddos got) ran outta my patio. I laughed because that cat would have been vaporized if I shot it with my shotgun.

Anyway, it's midnight and I haven't had a drop of beer yet. I'm going to have to take care of that right now.