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2013-01-30 18:00:53 (UTC)

Taxes refund comes and goes

I laughed today. HR called and they said they had to do some accounts receivable adjustments. This was regarding my Ex's medical bills. They had to do some fancy tweaking to my medical coverage. So instead of owing about 30K in the Ex's and Ex's daughter's medical bills, I only paid around 5 or 6 thousand.

Anyway, today they said I still owed 1500 bucks. I had the option of paying all at once, paying in payments, or take it out of my vacation days off. So, since my pot of gold is empty, I told them to take it out of my vacation pay. That equals to about 65 hours of vacation time. Fuck me and the fucking dark horse I came on. I knew this was going to happen. I checked my past post on taxes and I sure called it. So now, I kissed 65 hrs of vacation that I can never ever be able to see or use ever again. Fuck it to high hell!!!! Then.... I started laughing. I knew 3400 in tax returns was too good to be true.

I see the ex like a gift that keeps on giving. I'm sure this isn't the end. Whatever. Just another day in my life. I'll get by as I always will.

I did have lunch with a cute friend today. It's a "friend" type of relation so yeah... no sex. lol but she is good eye candy.

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