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The Journal With No Name
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2013-01-30 19:57:05 (UTC)

School and Stress Both Start With An S

Dear Journal,

I really can't complain about my life right now. Shirley may still be annoyed with me, but she's nervous about being exiled from the "clique" and quite honestly I can't blame her. Tennis is going awesome! I'm excited for my tournament in a few weeks. I'm just over all really happy. How many journals on here can say that?

God, some journals are all talk about death and rape. Honestly, life is not that depressing! I'm actually a realist, so if that's coming from me than it has got to mean something.

Anyway, back on to MY life! Because MY life is the only life that counts here. So, what is going on in the life of Brooke Something, you say? Brooke Something responds back with only one word: School. School is taking over my life. I can't complain about that. Like I said, I can't complain about my life right now. However school is just a big ball of stress.

Hey! They both start with the letter S. Coincidence? I think not!

I'm supposed to be writing journal entries for the Civil War. There are so many restrictions and work involved with writing a journal and the extra parts to it that I can hardly keep up. On top of that, there are high school courses I'm taking in the 8th grade. Plus, Ms. Nadas is choking a book down my throat. How the hell am I supposed to make time to read a book? I don't even get to read my leisure books because I don't have enough time! Okay, you caught me. I'm writing to you, Journal. However, I can say that writing to you takes up less time than reading 8 chapters and analyzing it. You can give me that much, Journal.

Public schools suck. Their education, food, teachers, rules, and students suck. I can't wait until I get to college. There's so much free time in college. I'd really be digging that. Why can't I be anywhere close to my sisters' ages?

Signing out,
Brooke Something
P.S. My friends have told me I smile in my sleep. I guess I've been doing that all my life. Can I diagnose why in God's name I do that? I could only imagine how creepy that would look. At least I end up cuddling to whoever is next to me. At least they will know that I'm not subconsciously planning on mass murder or some other tragic shit. I've got that going for me, right?

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