The Real Me
2013-01-30 01:55:41 (UTC)

I cant think of a new title 1

It wasnt meant to be this way,

I havnt hurt anyone, I havnt done anything bad so why me? Why am I the only one destined for this. Why did my heart have to ache the way it has. Everything I have ever dared to love has turened into duskand crumbled in my hands. So why am I not allowed to be happy? taken care of? why do i get nothing? why should my life hold any value when its so worthless.I got nothing and I cant make it better.

I have cried so many tears and i have felt so much pain, all ive learn from this life is to trust and care for no1. Im living it till I die and Im given a new life, someone else, somewhere differet. I wish i could make something amazing out of it but i feel so powerless like nothing is working with me, everything is working against me. It feels like everything I want is so out of my reach. I feel I would have been netter off without these parents, without restrictions and without this life. I literally hate HATE everyone that I have ever seen walked into or who has walked into my life.