Martha's daughter
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2013-01-29 18:25:14 (UTC)

Still Ca't Understand

Today i question my associations with certain people and why they have or are that matter necessary i havent learned much from them if anything i have taught more than i have learned i do gain information but is it filtered to keep me coming or the god honest truth hard to tell all i know is i want to run away from anything that makes me feel less than great and start over in a new environment peaceful and happy always ..i have learned not much is needed for me to be content and im pretty good at letting people go who no longer serve a purpose im annoyed by the leeches around me sucking from me my knowledge its the most annoying feeling i cant stand her when she does it it makes me want to slap her face ....this anger in me has to do with my resentment of letting go what doesn't work in my life and people who serve no real purpose to me if i cannot learn valueable life lessons from you whats the point your only making me unintelligent like you am i arrogant in my thoughts of being mentally superior and you inferior because you cant process information like i do its annoying the fuck out of me WHY CAN"T YOU JUST BE SMART!!!!!

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