The Anonymous Writer

The Journal With No Name
2013-01-28 19:58:45 (UTC)

Phone For Glen Coco

Dear Journal,

Guess which betch got her phone back? ME!

It was supposed to last 2 months, but I guess the old man decided to cave in and hand over my phone. I don't know why exactly, although he did explain. (I just didn't listen.) I do have a few guesses to why he would reduce my punishment time.

A. He felt bad that I had to walk in the cold just because he didn't check for the 2 hour delay that I asked him to.

B. He realized he needed to somehow contact me. (Thanks Policeman Brian!)

C. He saw I was upset with Jamie and thought this would make me happy with him. (As if!)

So yeah, that's all I got. And that's all there probably is. However, I've got my phone and that's all I really need to know. Boo-yah!

Now for the update on this small subject of, oh I don't know, my life? Well, Shirley doesn't have much support these days. I mean other than a few guys and one other girl who's just easily swayed.... I mean, I've got all of the girls--Esther's too--support. That's all I could ever ask for! And my tournament that might be cancelled? Nobody in my family cancelled it yet. It's actually within town, so maybe I can find a ride too! That does NOT mean, however, that I'm going to start being nice to Jamie. It doesn't change the facts.

There was something else I really wanted to tell you, Journal. Hmm what could it be? OH!
Well, I don't know if you know this, but I tend to get into these phases that last from a week to several years. You see, there was this tea phase. (I still have tea every once in a while, but this was with every meal!) I had the ugg phase. (Didn't every girl?) I had the Landon phase. (The boy who will never leave my life.) And now? I have the... drum rolls please!!!!



I have the documentary phase! And you know what? They're pretty fucking awesome, if you ask me! Not only am I entertained, but I get to learn new things. Who knew people used MSG to fatten up rats! Or that Aspartme and Caffine-cyto toxin kills brain cells--ingredients used in diet sodas!

Don't think I just saw one documentary last night, and was blown away. I didn't suddenly make my mind up over one movie, Journal. Do you really think I'm that easily swayed? I watched 5 documentries last night. Can you say you did that? And now I'm one m my 6th, Journal. They're really fucking awesome. You should give it a go! Maybe you're like me, and will get addicted. It's worth a try.

Wow. I'm actually excited over documentries and getting my phone back. How pathetic is my life, Journal? Please, don't be nice. I like somebody who can give me the truth rather than lie to make me feel good about myself. So Journal, how pathetic am I?

Signing out,
Brooke Pathetic Something

P.S. I'm happy that Esther is siding with me. I know she should, but it really did make my day. Oh, and I can't forget something else! This girl I play tennis with told me she overheard somebody say that Dakota is pissed that Tyler is talking to another girl. Does Dakota know about Shirley? Should I warn the bitch? I'm a little wary of even talking to her... she does talk behind my back a lot now... is she worth me giving her a warning? Ugh, Journal I'm so conflicted. I hate how Shirley isn't even my friend and there's still drama with her. She really is the (wo)man who won't leave!

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