deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2013-01-27 13:31:40 (UTC)

Not a typical Sunday visit

my usual Sunday morning visit with Connor today was marred by the fact that i woke to no heat or hot water in my home. Thankfully it was a weekend and i didn't have to shower and rush out to work. i met Connor at our appointed time in our virtual palace and told him that i was awaiting the service man to repair the problem. Typically He expects that i am naked when i arrive for our visits, but today i arrived in jeans and a sweater in anticipation of the service man's arrival.

After explaining the situation He had me remove my bra and panties and told me that i would welcome the service man this way. He then proceed to unzip and pull down my jeans and used his fingers to play with my cunt. Soon thereafter he had lifted the sweater up past my tits to play with my nipples. Needless to say i became very aroused and wet by all this and the scent was very apparent in the room as well.

When the service man did arrive i scrambled to pull the jeans up and fix my sweater, still without my panties or bra. The man was middle aged and not what i would consider attractive but pleasant and went right to work to fix things. During this time i became very concerned that my scent was noticeable but that was something i couldn't control at that point. After a determining that something called and "ignitor" needed replacement he proceed and in about 20 minutes was done.

After thanking him and escorting him out i raced back to Connor, tossing my jeans once entering the room. i settled back into His lap and He wasted no time resuming putting his fingers into my cunt and playing with my sensitive nipples. It seemed to take no time until He made me cum; the spasms rippling through my tummy and making me feel like something would pop out of me.....xoxo.

He licked and lapped my wet cunt for several minutes before pushing me to my knees in front of him. There he made me stare into his eyes as he jerked himself.....making me massage his balls and hold the hand that He was jerking Himself with.

In just a few minutes time, while staring at his face and massaging his balls with my mouth open and tongue sticking out, His cock exploded sending a long intense squirt of cum into my mouth and throat. This was followed by several less intense squirts which landed on my tongue. i leaned forward to suck just the tip of His cock to get the remaining cum out. He made me stare at him as He gripped my throat with his hand and told me to swallow -- so He could feel it sliding down my throat.

We then cuddled for a bit and He whispered in my ear how much He adores me. i returned the whisper.

i do adore my Master.


My girl was energized by the impending arrival of the repairman and the concern of how far I would have her "along" and "disrobed". This was only intensified by the fact that her period starts tomorrow and she had an ultra sensitive cunt (as always). Knowing this, I was quick to bring her to near climax so that she would be on an "edge" while repairs were being made. The addition of her scent was a natural bonus of her writhing on My fingers as the clock ticked and the anticipation of the doorbell ringing. Her last words to Me moments before the bell rang were expressing her full body realization of what I say and do to her and the sexual tension I create.

She returned to Me (as she must) with adoration and desire written on her face. She was indeed rewarded with fingers in her cunt and was allowed to have an orgasm. Before she could even completely revel in the fingers, she was licked and teased back to a frenzy. Her whimper of desire and the barely whispered words of "" brought about His own comment about "ignitor". By design, her "frenzy" was pushed down to attend to the ONE she serves and the only ONE that matters.

Her words above best describe what she did, and what she is. My slut is being revealed to the world in this diary. This is only the beginning.