The Anonymous Writer

The Journal With No Name
2013-01-27 12:40:13 (UTC)

All Hail Princess Jamie!

Dear Journal,

Is it so awful of me that I would not care if my sister Jamie died? If I found out right now that she was killed, I would just accept the fact that her subconscious mind is no longer here with us. She's gone, so what!

So, how did I get to this point? Why do I think such horrific things of my sister? Easy. It's because she is not my sister. I don't see how we are sisters. She's a princess, and I'm the popper.

Let me get the facts across, first off. Sure, Princess Jamie does work hard. I give her that much. However I can never get away from the fact that the King and Queen of this family shower her gifts no matter what. (Point blank: She's a complete spoiled bitch.) At my age she would kick, cry, and scream for more clothes. "More clothes! More make up!" She would whine. In response, more clothes and more make up she got. Her clothes would always be from Abercrombie because Target would be like buying from "dirty people" and she just couldn't do that! Her make up would be extreme, quantity-wise, for even 13-year-old girls now. Oh, but don't let me slip out the fact that as a pre-schooler I was forced to live 50% of my childhood in the mall just because Princess Jamie didn't get exactly what she wanted!! (Key word here Journal is live. Because living there is an understatement! But why venture even further in the past?)

Princess Jamie still lives on. She's still a complete spoiled girl. She's like Melissa in Pretty Little Liars. In fact that would meet up all of the standards I'm attempting through my writing to create in your mind. It's so perfect in fact, that any more of my writing would seem worthless. Yet, I'm infuriated. It's been about 18 hours since the latest "incident" with her. So let me continue on with these facts before I get to what occurred.

Have a sibling who is held up on a pedestal? Do your parents ever only ALWAYS say to you and your other sibling(s), "You guys should be more like him/her!" Have a sibling who never hears a single no come out of your parents' mouths? Have a sibling that acts so ferociously rude to you for no reason at all? Have a sibling in your home that does absolutely nothing at all, leaving you to do absolutely everything, and gets all of the glory?

If you have any one of these, or especially all of these, then I must say that I'm very, very, very sorry for you. This means you have a Princess Jamie living on in your home too. And for that, I can not stress how sorry I am for you. Sorry. Sorry. I'm so sorry.

Princess Jamie is home. Not at college where she should be. No, instead she's at home. Living, breathing, and ruining my life. My parents will always pick her over me. They will never admit it because, well, they're parents. Parents don't admit that to their kids. Yet, I don't understand why my parents make so much fun of her about being a princess, yet give her all of the material she needs to continue on her legacy. How stupid are they? (Did I lose you there? Well, keep up!)

Last night, I decided to be nice and go to dinner with Princess Jamie and my parents. I was not in the least bit hungry, yet I went because I decided that families are very important no matter what. So on the car ride to go to Princess Jamie's favorite restaurant, my tournaments came up into conversation. Guess what Journal? One of the tournaments I signed up for is on the same weekend as Princess Jamie's meet.

Guess which kid gets to cancel their tournament? Guess which kid gets both parents for the weekend?

Worst part? I told my dad countless times the dates of the tournaments I was signing up for. Yet, on the car ride he denied me telling him for a straight week about such thing. I was basically left as the kid in the car who looked crazy and wrong and too young to know any better. Princess Jamie strikes again... like always.

I no longer wanted to go to dinner. I asked to stay in the car. I warned them I'd be awful company. What word did I keep getting however? I'll give you a clue: It's the only word Princess Jamie never hears.


So when we arrived to the restaurant, I was already in tears. Too many emotions and memories were swimming through my mind. All I heard from the receptionist, or whatever the fuck they're job titles are, told us, "Your wait will be 40 minutes. A possible extra 10 minutes for the booth you want."

40 minutes. No wait, 50! 50 minutes. Extra time spent with the family I no longer care for. My, what a thing a girl who ever dream for!!! Heh. (Let's just cut this story short because I'm forced to go out to lunch with this family soon--and the dream keeps on keeping on!!)

Long story short: I went up to Barnes and Nobles. My favorite store I always tell my dad I'll be at as soon as I'm able to drive. I went inside because I needed alone time. I picked up a book I was currently reading and flipped to the page I was currently on at home. I went to a chair on the second floor and began reading. And all of my thoughts were lost. I was no longer Brooke Something. I was the main character in the book, Clay. I was lost inside a whole other world. In which is a truly special place to be, especially after being so mixed with emotions in reality. Then, just before I finish the book, a policeman comes up to me. He asks me, "Are you Brooke?" And of course at that instant I knew what this was all about. I wasn't about to fight it. So I told him the truth. And he took me to the restaurant, and on the way there we talked.

So Brooke what did you do during dinner, you say?

Nothing. I didn't eat. I didn't talk. I just took my dad's phone and waited for the night to be over with. Lucky me though! I get to relive that night in lunch right now!! In fact they're calling my name. It's a surprise that they even remember I'm here and worth something.

Signing out,
Brooke Something

P.S. I forgot to mention a few things. And I absolutely cannot enter this entry without mentioning a few more things. So I will write this in a haste, so please refrain from any further judgement of my grammatical or spelling skills. I'm doing the best I can.
So the things I'm forgetting!
1. I forgot that Sasha also hates Princess Jamie for the same reasons.
2. I forgot that there was a whole team of the police scattered across the mall looking for me, just because my dad could not remember my all time favorite store.
3. I'm also disappointed at my father. I constantly tell him things, he forgets, and then my life gets slightly dimmer. My dad also lies--can't forget to mention that!
4. I would not mind if Princess Jamie died. Have I mentioned that?

All Hail Princess Jamie! If her time comes, may God not cheat her of death!

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