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2013-01-26 11:40:16 (UTC)

Hiccups Cure

Well. I don't really have anything interesting to say. except for I found a foolproof way to get rid of hiccups. Just hyperventilate a lot.

Maybe everyone else already knew that and it was just me... Suffering through my unpredictable diaphragm.

I have felt really empty these past couple days and I keep missing school by accident. I cried over a season finale... I cry over TV shows way more than I cry about myself and my situation.

My mother didn't believe I was a cutter. She wasn't sure, but now that she is, it is pretty much determined I am going to Four Winds, cool. I don't really care... I don't care about anything.

I don't want to do anything.

I have lost interest in everything. Every. Single. Thing. Now I'm just doing nothing on my laptop all day and before i was playing around with my fake reality. It was nice. Like a fairytale that I live in.

Maybe thats why I rarely feel guilty when I lie or do something bad. Because in some sense, in some reality I've created, it doesn't matter, its the right thing to do.

Something like that.

Goodbye now.

Hopefully I don't try to off myself thing weekend, haha. That's supposed to be a joke but honestly, I don't know, I might try to if I get in one of my Crazy Moods.

Well, fuck me. Goodbye.

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