2013-01-25 12:11:07 (UTC)

1/22/13 Tue

-went to lao ma's with da da and his fd and another girl; stayed until 5am; of course they want get hotel room; went to Hampton near my house; but the rate was high and was looking for the best way; was gonna wait then came to Ramada; saw the Indian guy and the rate was cheaper so checked in;
-had sex with him; have surgery appt for tron; J said he is sleepy so asked da da to take us; home pick up all 3; came to hospital after 8;
-drop wobi and oreo home; back to Ramada; had more sex; at noon, his fd asked him to take the girl home; then came back then went to eat; i didn't want go so sleeping in the room
-he came back in the afternoon; hospital to pick up tron; drop him home; back to room; i finally washed face; dinner in the shanghai restaurant in Millbrae; then folsom; only 1 other table; so tired; back to Ramada after work but the fd and the girl didn't go guess they didn't like each other that much

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