Slaves Journey
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2013-01-25 00:36:12 (UTC)

my hopes...

I hope to be allowed at his feet again soon.
I hope to be touched by him and used by him.
I hope to lay in his arms content and happy.

I hope to always have him holding my leash.
I hope to always follow his lead without fighting it.
I hope to find the courage to submit to him fully.

I hope to share my life with him always.
I hope to live in our house and serve him properly.
I hope to give him happiness and peace all his life...

I promise to love you sir, only you.
I promise to serve only you, and live my life devoted to you.
I promise to obey, and hold my tongue and be respectful.

I promise to please you as i know you like.
I promise to learn new things and try new things.
I promise to live as your slave, in all ways..