Fallen from Grace
2013-01-24 13:10:17 (UTC)

Curiosity killed the cat

I got thinking about a few things this morning. I been over thinking a lot lately. About what? About everything. I am glad to be into this clinical study but I often wonder if Mike ever gets tired of me having to go 100 plus miles every time I go. Today I go to do community service and then off to work. I work 1-5 then I think I'm going to call John. I did good yesterday I went my sex store (Gamestop) and I bought 5 games for $2.50 a piece plus I got one of 2 games in the mail. I been sad lately maybe this will help. I love gaming it lets me chill with friends from all over. I hope I will be able to get over this over thinking cause I may not like the answers I get to something.

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