sex drugs and rock n roll
2013-01-23 16:09:09 (UTC)

i just don't know

i love my boyfriend but sometimes i wanna shoot him in the face!!! he can be so rude and mean to me...he never is at fault.. its always sad more than im happy..i mean don't get me wrong, he does make me happy but lately he's been mean.. he says its because we never deal with our problems.. but omg!! how many more times do we have to bring shit up from the past.. im a move on kinda girl.. not JT.. i just want us to be good, but it seems like every time things are going great he starts some shit.. he thinks im hiding things from him, yes i have done wrong in this relationship but ive learned from them.. he says nobody can change without help.. well i got news for you buddy.. I HAVE CHANGED!!!!! you got to want it.. and i wanted him enough to change.. i wish he could see that before he looses me for good.. peace!

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