Confessions of a married woman
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2013-01-22 21:03:01 (UTC)


Wow, I haven't been on here in forever. I guess I'll give you a little snap shot. A lot has happened since my last entry. On October 1st, my sister caught her man cheating, she found very disturbing/disgusting/perverted emails back and fourth with another woman, worse of all this woman is also married, oh boy drama galore. My bro in law wanted to work things out with my sis though, so they are hustling, although my sister is very revengeful and my sister and I have this gut feeling that she's fooling around with a or guys.. I hope she isn't. Nov we had a great Thanksgving withour family and then some, we did a bit of karaoking and that was pretty fun. December we had a posada and all of our neighbors and some family came over, it was very fun watching our nephews open their gifts. I was so blessed with gifts too! Thank you baby Jesus.

So my love life still sucks. I'm still waiting of my man A, but he's basically out of the picture since he moved to Arizona... seriously?~?!? He actually sent me a message on Jan 5th, he started out with a very causal conversation, how have I been, yada yada... about an hour later he tells me he's driving to CA, that he needs to come to SD to get a passport, which to I responded, "cool," as I wasn't going to get over excited or anything, my roommate was home and there was no way I was able to get out of the house at that hour without being question, so I made up that I was drunk and couldn't drive, he gave me a bunch of receipies so that I could get better, but I refused. I told him to contact me on his way back and we could work something out. He didn't. Fine. I'm done with him. He also told me he was going to go to Florida for a year and that this was our only chance. Ehh... I'm tired of being a booty call.

I've been talking to this guy on Y! for yearssss his name is... TLH! And we have webcammed, and he is very good looking and has a hugeeee.. well you know.. anyway, since he was just an online fling thing, I didn't really plan to meet him or anything, but he wanted us to meet so after years of chatting on line we did, he came down to a resturant/bar in the area where I work on Jan 10th, he was alright, looked better on cam actually, but he was still very charming, very dry sense of humor which I love, very well maintained, excellent hygene, clean cut, impressive really. We had a couple beers/cocktails the hours flew by we met at 5:30 and before I knew it it was 11. I offered to give him a ride home, since his cousin dropped him off, we chatted for a few mins inside my car and then off he went, it was a nice date, don't know if successful, but he's a fun guy.

A few months ago I met this guy off this website, his name is Russ, we texted back an fourth and he always wants to meet but in his area, since his area is LA i dont' wanna go back home and come back, so I told him to meet me half way or something, anyway, it had never happened... this guy look really cute in his pic, he was my same nationality, he's a personal banker and his height according to his profile was taller than average, so he just sounded like a good match. A little cocky but that was okay(prior to meeting him) he's always been a little assy but I figured it was just by text. Anyway we met at LA Live and we walked to a resturant near by (mind you I was wearing heels) we are in the bar and we are drinking and he keeps wanting to feed me drinks, first we had a cadillac margarita conversation went well, he was cocky and that annoyed me but he was loosing up, as was I. Then, a mojito he asked that we left to Vegas tonight, I said no because I didn't have any clothes, which he responded there are outlets in Las Vegas. Then it was wine, to celebrate me and last it was LA water I was already crunk! So the check comes and he hands it to me and I said, "what the fuck you pay for it" he put $20 on the bar of course that didn't nearly cover a quarter and I'm like you need more than that, he put another $20 and I'm like yea.. that's not enought... he put another $20 and then he started pushing it towards me. I said look I don't know what type of girls you go out with but this is so wrong, getting drink after drink and then trying to bail out... the balance left was 29 bucks, so I gave the bartender my credit card, how embarrasing! Never again! Not only did I have to drive to LA, but pay for some expensive ass parking and pay for my drinks?! Fuck that... and he still wanted us to go have dinner, no way! So as we were walking back to the garage... (it was like a 3 block walk) I lost him and I made my way back solo. I sat at the bus stop to sober up and that was really intersting. I met a few people there and I was talking to maybe like 4 total. LOL I felt like Forest Gump ahahhaha.... during my stay at the bus stop I was texting with TLH and he asked what I was doing of course I lied to him and told him I was at LA Liv having a drink w my cousin, he said that LA Live wasn't too far from him and that I should go over. I said no.. i shouldnt maybe for a kiss, because I really wanted one. He told me to go over for one and that he would make it really good. I drove my ass to WeHo and went up to his apt, which was really interesting, he was there looked so cute...... we kissed and he knew how to kiss... we had a good time. I went home shortly after. I haven't heard from TLH since. I don't think I'm going to. This freaking blows. Guys don't like me for who I am they just want me to give it up.

J always texts me when he's worked up.. he's packin' but he's boring... so I'm done with him.. delete! A he's hot and not packin' enough, but I really like him our times are special. E, he's the best! he reminds me of Eric from True Blood good looking, thin, packin' and he's so good at it... he is worth it! TLH.. i haven't slept with him but he is super huge.... i dont' think we will get there..hmmm... who said size doesn't matter!??!?! hahahah Anyway, I haven't had intercourse for a long time with any of these men for the LONGESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, so basically I'm a virgin. Hopefully, I'll get w E soon.. it's on my things to do. hahaha...

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