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2013-01-21 12:00:06 (UTC)


Funny how the sun always rises. You see another day. Another day to make something of your life. Another chance to do something. What happens when you are just too tired?
I wake up today with peace and quiet. No one to fight with. Just me with too much time on my hands for my mind to wander. So many things going on in my head. I need to work on my budget, more house cleaning, doing my taxes, a haircut, sorting out the garage. Etc.

Contemplating renting out a room in this house. I want to start saving some cash again. I look at my finances and I hopefully can get back on my feet this year. I know one thing. Kids are expensive. Lol

Now that its all me now, I want to be back in the positive again. Shit!!! I really gave it all financially for the kiddos. My goal of buying a home again won't happen this year and probably not even next year. I got a raise but it was a wash when the SS tax went back up 2%.

I hope I can crunch down with my spending this February without going nuts.