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2013-01-21 04:03:04 (UTC)

1/17/13 Thursday

-after a whole day without text or call yesterday, lil fat text me first after midnight and i called back;
-sat a wu and drank milk tea so was high; room 3 got into a fight and folsom called police so they left; called Joe to come back get me for after party; but there was nowhere to go and called room 3 ppl but they didn't pick up; came to Chinatown for food; lil fat happened to be at Chinatown too buying pizza; there was nowhere to go with Joe and his stupid gf so of course went with lil fat;
-mj house to get slk; came to the oakland hotel; the rate was over $200 so i called Chinatown Hilton; it was $150 so decided to go there;
-he had to leave in the morning; i was gonna ask J to come get me but he found out that he didn't have to work that day; he came back at 1; we checked out at 2; decided to get fingerprints; Redwood city city hall but it was closed and had to make an appointment;
-home to get Patron for blood test; Richmond pet hospital; drop him off at home; i finally washed my face;
-haven't ate for a whole day; really want hotpot garden again but there was 1 hour wait; so went to the Pot; so full for work;
-didn't have table until 11:30; phil didn't even want sit me at first; lil fat booked a room; got 3 finally

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