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2013-01-21 03:29:23 (UTC)

1/18/13 Friday

-lil fat came to drink; got drunk and got emotional in phil's room; dropped phone in water; couldn't get it work for a whole night; lao ma was too drunk to drink so we drove her home and picked up lao ba then came back for car;
-oakland mj house for a while; motel 6 after--big mistake;
-woke up early by him b/c he had to go work; worried about my blackberry broken so forgot Tiffany ring in the room; took me home; J wanted breakfast and need to go Oakland so i decided to go downtown return to Saks and do fingerprints; realized the ring was missing; luckily the phone was working again; text lil fat about ring; he sent someone to motel;
-past the return day for Saks; lil fat said couldn't find the ring; Oakland with J; talked to the manager on the phone and he was asking too many questions; me and lil fat need to talk over and go together;
-finally got fingerprints; fell asleep on way home; forgot to go Kohl's again; got ready for work
-super slow for a Friday night; thought was going home but a big shot came