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2013-01-21 03:18:03 (UTC)

1/19/13 Sat

-sat in room 3 at 12:30; been drinking shots with the "big shot"; got drunk; luckily got $300; Ruby after; mj house had pho; took me home even if he wanted to have sex; still super drunk; talked to lil fat on the phone; he wants to take out name to rent weed house; why would i do something stupid like this?
-J came home; he wanted to have sex and i refused like always and hit him; he got mad and knock down my clothes racks;
-in the morning, i came up to cook water; got pissed too so threw kitchen stuffs around; then yelled at him for hours; he cleaned up;
-slept the whole day; got up at 7; got ready for work; phone dead again;