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2013-01-20 17:41:20 (UTC)

Healthy, For Once

January 20, 2013 Sunday 5:42 PM

"Songbird" by Oasis

[Skip to the squigglies if you don't feel like reading random shit. Though if you do read it all... Tell me. And I will reward you greatly... Mwahah!]

(I'm sick. I have a sore throat. Woopdee doo.)

So guys. People who happen to stumble upon my writing. People who happen to stick with it for whatever reason.

People who possibly find me interesting. (My question for you is why?! Why!? Is your life really boring or something, because frankly, I am not an interesting person!!!)

What the above has to do with anything is that you people, the ones who pay attention to me (more commonly known as the stereotypical teenage girl who is quite narcissistic while simultaneously retaining an incredibly low self esteem) are the same exact people who know I am not a continuously healthy person.

Here's why.

Um, let's see, I cut. I drink. I smoke. I do whatever I can to hurt myself hoping I might spontaneously cease to exist one day. Kinda hoped I was able to kill myself.

I didn't though.

Even those who don't know me "personally" (Lol. This is funny because if they knew me in person, they certainly would not know me as well as they do now from reading my diary) know I kind of hate treating myself like an appropriate human being. I always have to refrain from calling myself ugly and stuff around other people because I know they will either get annoyed by my 'complaining' or they will never ever stop trying to convince me otherwise, even though the point of me telling them that I suck was not for pity at all!!!

OKay, I'm getting frustrated, time to move on.


I sure do a lot of dabbling and procrastination and stalling and shit. It takes forever for me to get to the point, which is why my entries are always so long and boring.

Does that count as a disability?

Moving on!

(I'm doing it again. I swear, its not on purpose.)


Here is the news: I'm becoming a vegetarian.
And now, for a story.

A little slice of my past, if you will.

So, when I was seven or eight, Caroline became a 'vegetarian'. That's in quotes because she's not technically a veggie or whatever.

In technical terms, she is actually an ovolactopescitarian because she eats eggs, fish, and dairy products.

She has been a veggie for six years. Or five. Oh, I don't know. A long, long time. She has hiccuped a few times (Year 2009: Ate a hamburger at her then boyfriend's house), but has never returned to eating meat because well let's be honest: MEAT SUCKS. That might just be me.

I want to try an become an actual vegetarian. Meaning no eggs, meat, fish, or dairy products (Maybe just milk I think. Maybe I'm thinking of a vegan who doesn't eat dairy products).

I really hate meat. I don't really like food in general, it makes me feel sick, but it tastes so good. That's all I like about it, really. I am obsessed with things like cinammon gum and cough drops. Shit, I mispelled cinnammon. Twice.

My least favorite meat is turkey, followed by chicken, and then ground beef.

We barely eat meat in my house because Caroline and Ethan (also a veggie) influenced our eating habits.

I figure it'll be easy peezy for me to not eat meat because I don't anyway. Eggs, not so easy, but I don't really like them either, so maybe not so hard. Fish, very easy. I like fish, but since fishy populations are going down fast, our family has stopped eating them because we don't want them to die out.

Alrighty, good bye now.

Day one of doing something relatively healthy. Let's hope I don't get anemia (red blood cell deficiency due to lack of iron).

PS: Aaron, I can't go to your house. The parents said no, and also, I'm sick, so I don't think you'd want me around Amber. I can see you briefly tomorrow though, eh?

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