Angel Wings
2013-01-20 03:06:32 (UTC)

Mexican Vampire

It was so beautiful outside, I just had to go for a walk. I put on my blue velvet combat boots and grabbed my ipod. After turning it on I heard CocoRosie. Without giving the mirror by the front door a glance i stepped outside. The warm air wrapped my body in a hug. I hopped down the steps and started my walk.
The concrete was cracked and aged. Flowers were on everyone's front porch. I loved to hop on the speed bumps. It was just so-

Suddenly i looked over and there was a shadow of a person. At the same trailer a black motorcycle was parked,forgetting the shadow i walked over to the amazing bike. It was a Ducati and i was in heaven. I caressed the bikes' handlebar and down the black leather seat. It was so smooth, i was unable to help myself the impulse was too strong. I swung my leg over the bike and sat down.
For a split second i imagined myself driving this magnificent piece of machine down the road. With no obstacles or strings attached.
"Boo." Someone whispered in my ear.
I instantly came out of my fantasy.
"Umm..is this your bike?"
Deep throaty laugh."Yeah."
I turned my head slightly and extended my hand to the owner of the beautiful bike.
"I'm Bordeaux." I said, with a grin. "Your motorcycle is très belle."
"Thank you and i must say you are very muy bella hermosa, beautiful."
I looked down blushing,"Can i interest you with a ride on my

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