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2013-01-20 03:59:45 (UTC)

Hear colors see sounds

The stars tell a story of the past present and future they speak the truth and they tell me excactly what I don't want to hear ( not really im paraphrasing im not crazy)they tell me to move on and that he will never love me again but I keep trying and I feel the pain of sadness in my heart and deeper into my soul I will never be the same without him. I wish he would hug me and kiss me.
When I am with him and he is in love with me I can see it in his beautiful eyes and his eyes tell his story of all the girls he treated bad but it goes before that when he fell in love with a girl who broke his heart then moved on to his best friend. But I see the way he looks at me it is different then the way he looked at all the other girls it is more than seeing me for him it is different I can see it but now it is fading the less he loves me the more that glance disappears.
When he looks at me and is sitting next to me and gives me that look I feel nervous I feel my heart beet 1000000x faster I feel it hurt in a good way but I love it but at the same time I hate it and it hurts but when he is sitting next to me holding my hand and looking into my eyes past the color and the way they look but the feeling inside my eyes the story inside my eyes I hear colors and see sounds it is the best feeling ever that anyone could ever have. Love is pleasurable pain that is the most dangerous weapon in the world. I can't be without him and I never will be able too.

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